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John Deere Gator TE 4x2


Año: 2018
Categoría: Vehículos Utilitarios

Vehículos Utilitarios


Especificaciones técnicas

ON-BOARD BATTERY CHARGER: The Gator? TE is equipped with an Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL)-approved on-board charger. Located under the passenger seat, the on-board charger allows the user to charge their TE from any location containing a wall receptacle. This saves the user time, as they do not have to travel back to their maintenance area for charging; charging can be done anywhere. The on-board charger is designed with a wide input voltage range from 85 - 265 VAC, making it capable for worldwide application. Power factor correction and 12A maximum current draw ensures the charger will work reliably from any power outlet in the world, even through surges and sags. Improved run time - The on-board charger features advanced temperature sensor technology that improves the information flow coming in and out of charger. The batteries are allowed to charge more fully than they were ever able to before; this can improve run time by up to 75 percent (depending on use cycle).

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